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All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and
sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be.

This is the spirit of the game of golf.
USGA Rules of Golf - Etiquette

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2020 Summer Schedule.
Covid Year
Tuesdays/Thursdays as BRS schedule.
Sat/Sun -  by arrangement.

2018 Match - Old Masters v 08:45ers
Old Masters v 0845ers - 2018 - Result

Old Masters v 0845ers - 2018  Sweep 

Match - Old Masters v 08:45ers - 2016

Match - Old Masters v 08:45ers - 2016
Individual Scores

Match - Old Masters v 08:45ers - 2015 - Results

Match - Old Masters v 08:45ers - 2015 
Sweep Winners

Old Masters v 08:45ers - 2014 - Result

Old Masters v 08:45ers - 2013 - Result

Old Masters Memorial Trophy
The competition is two rounds of Stableford golf,
one round at an away venue

one round at Muckhar

to be played on Tues & Thurs of the same week.

Old Masters Memorial Trophy - 2020
In the year of Covid19 pandemic,
two rounds at Muckhart.
Memorial Trophy 2020 Final Scores

Memorial Trophy 2019- Final Scores

Memorial Trophy 2018- Final Scores

Memorial Trophy 2017-  Final Scores

Memorial Trophy 2016 - Final Scores

Memorial Trophy 2015 - Final Scores

Memorial Trophy 2014 - Final Scores

Challenge Match 2020
15th Oct and 22nd Oct 2019.
Challenge 2020 - Results

Challenge 2019 - Results

Challenge 2018 - Results

Challenge 2017 - Results

Challenge 2016 - Results

Challenge 2015 - Results

 Challenge Match 2014 - Results

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