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In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.

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Constitution - 2013 - (Accepted by vote recorded 2nd November 2013).

There is no prescribed maximum number of members of Muckhart Golf Club “Old Masters”.  Should there be significant difficulties in arranging tee-times in the future, consideration will be given to limiting the number of members.

  "Old Masters" Sweep Competition.
 1. To be in the Sweep a player must be in the draw on the day. Or if playing in a tie, the player must expressly
    indicate that he wishes to be included in the Sweep.
 2. The Sweep competition will be played in Stableford format.
 3. A score card must be completed for a score to be recognised in the
 Sweep.  More than one player's scores
     may be recorded on 1 card.

 4. The Sweep will be played over the designated course of the day, or as agreed before play commences.
 5. In the case of a tie the Sweep money will be divided equally between the winners.
 6. A quorum - to allow winner’s handicap to be reduced - is six players.
 7. The winner of the Sweep will have his sweep handicap cut by one stroke for each sweep win.
    Note 1:
In the case of a tie, all tied winners are cut according to the above rule.
 8. If the Sweep entry exceeds 10 and winning score is not tied, there will be two prizes.
     First will get £10, second and ties will get remainder.  
     If the Sweep entry exceeds 15 second prize will be a maximum of £5 
with the rest paid to third and equals.

 1. National handicap is club handicap.
 2. Sweep handicap is club handicap less strokes cut for previous wins.
 3. During the golfing season a Summer sweep handicap scheme will be
 4. During the closed season a Winter sweep handicap scheme will
be operated.
 5. At the start and end of the golfing season sweep handicaps will revert to club handicaps.
 6. When playing four ball matches, or “skins”, low man goes to scratch
and the number of strokes given
     is three quarters of (club) handicap  difference.

 Local Rules.
 When winter greens are in use the Stroke Index and par will be taken as per MGC printed card for the course played.

 1. Gimmes within the putter grip in the sweep competition are allowed.
 2. No automatic gimmes in matches. Wait for the decision from your opponents.

 1. Guest players can join us on any day, and can elect to play in the sweep competition or not, 
    subject to handicap reduction (national - 2).

 2. Should a member's guest play on a regular basis then his sweep handicap will be national - 2 - number of wins.

 3. Should a regular guest continue playing into the following season (summer or winter) then he will be
    considered to be a member and will play off his national handicap at the start of that season. 

 George Taylor.
 2nd November 2013.