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The Challenge Match - 2015

Golf is a test of character in more ways than one: the cheat simply could not play golf: in the last resort, no one would play with him.  It is also a test of tact.  Many a man has to learn how to lend a deaf ear politely to a loquacious friend, or to curb his own tongue when playing with a taciturn one; and probably there is no one but has had on some occasion or other to keep his own temper sweet while the atmosphere about him was mephitic with a surly silence or rent by vituperative abuse.

 Arnold Haultain - The Mystery of Golf - 1908


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The Challenge Match 2015
Challenge-2015-group.JPGPhoto by Jack Wallace

Rest of the World Scotland
Captain - George Haig

Photos by G.H.Taylor Challenge-2015-Danny-cpt.jpg
Captain - Danny McNee

Match Result
Rest of the World . . .4
      Scotland . . .11   
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